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Cabinet - 05/12/2023

Tuesday, 5th December 2023 at 2:30pm
Cabinet - 05/12/2023
05/12/2023 14:30:00

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Thumbnail for Ayrshire Shared Services Committee - 01/12/2023

Ayrshire Shared Services Committee - 01/12/2023

Friday, 1st December 2023 at 10:00am
Ayrshire Shared Services Committee - 01/12/2023
01/12/2023 10:00:00
Archiving - Available soon

Planning Committee - 22/11/2023

Wednesday, 22nd November 2023 at 2:00pm
Planning Committee - 22/11/2023
22/11/2023 14:00:00


From here you will be able to access webcasts of our live and archived council meetings.

Upcoming and recent meetings are displayed on the left hand side of this page. To view an archive of a recent meeting simply click on the title of the meeting you wish to view.

If the webcast you would like to view is older than those displayed in the recent list then please take a look at the Webcast library page which features a complete list of our available archived council meetings. If you still cannot find the meeting you are looking for then please make use of the search facility. The search box in the navigation bar will search through the title, description and keywords associated with each of our meetings and display a list of relevant results.

A copy of the Council's Webcasting Protocol is available here.


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